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About Us

HornsCorner.com is dedicated to providing play-by-play and game-by-game detailed statistical analysis of Texas Longhorn sports. There will be no gimmicks, biases, or favoritism towards our beloved Longhorns. The information provided will be completely factual in order to give the reader greater insight into the successes and/or complications Longhorn sports teams may encounter throughout the season.

HornsCorner Staff
B.R. Battle, Owner and Managing Editor

Battle is a 2005 Mechanical Engineering graduate of The University of Texas. He attended Ellison High School, just over an hour away from Austin prior to attending UT. Upon graduation, he earned a commission in the United States Air Force, and is currently an Active Duty member with more than 12 years of service. He currently resides in the Washington, D.C. metro area, but frequently travels to Longhorn sporting events. Battle’s love for data analysis is what drove him to create HornsCorner.

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